Escaping Samsara

#18 Dr. Erik Davis - The Chaos Path

October 30, 2020 Nathan Thompson & Evgeny Dziatko Season 1 Episode 18
Escaping Samsara
#18 Dr. Erik Davis - The Chaos Path
Show Notes

Dr. Erik Davis is an American writer, scholar, journalist and public speaker whose writings have ranged from rock criticism to cultural analysis to creative explorations of mysticism.

Few people are able to talk about the spirituality with  a precision and accuracy born of a commitment to always remain open to the Mystery. 

Erik shares his own path, describing how he maintains scientific viewpoint while also embracing the weird and unknown aspects in all religions, especially Christianity and Buddhism.

We talk in detail about "the psychonaut"scientifically minded explorers who use psychedelics in an attempt to map the fringes and consciousness - places where there might still be dragons.
Show Notes

  • 3.00 Spiritual and uncanny experiences occurred in Erik’s childhood bedroom
  • 7.00 Fear and fascination 
  • 14.00 How Erik spans science and spirituality
  • 19.00 Erik’s deep experience with Christian art
  • 24.00 “The weirdest year of your life”
  • 27.00 Erik on prayer and grace
  • 32. 00 “America can’t escape the shadow of puritanism”
  • 36.00 Psychonauts vs religious seekers 
  • 45.30 Psychosis as an occupational hazard
  • 57.00 Practical Buddhist ethics
  • 1.03.00 The role of a spiritual teacher
  • 1.08.00 When Erik met Ram Dass

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