Escaping Samsara

#23 Mark Robberds & Deepika Mehta - Beyond Sequence

January 09, 2021 Nathan Thompson & Evgeny Dziatko Season 1 Episode 23
Escaping Samsara
#23 Mark Robberds & Deepika Mehta - Beyond Sequence
Show Notes

We are beyond excited to kick off the new year with these 2 beautiful guests - Deepika Mehta and Mark Robberds. Yoga couple, Ashtanga practitioners and movement specialists, teachers and successful Instagramers, humble and curious beings on the spiritual path - which of these labels come close to who they really are? Listen in - link in the bio!

Show notes

  • Deepika's path to spirituality 
  • Relationships, practice and parenthood 
  • Pareto principle in Mark's approach to maintaining the practice
  • Aging: Flexibility means fragility? 
  • Movement exploration rooted in the yogic tristana 
  • Benefits of a set sequence and creativity, yoga and surfing
  • Haṭhābhyāsapaddhati
  • Pranayama, Breathwork and Wim Hoff?
  • James Nestor and Simon Borg-Olivier 
  • Cultural appropriation and Mula Bandha underwear
  • Mark's Instagram journey
  • Meditation practice and personal challenges
  • 3 new online courses 

Deepika Mehta –
Mark’s website –

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