Escaping Samsara

#28 Gregor Maehle - Yogic Inquiry. The Science of 8-limbed Yoga

February 26, 2021 Nathan Thompson & Evgeny Dziatko Season 1 Episode 28
Escaping Samsara
#28 Gregor Maehle - Yogic Inquiry. The Science of 8-limbed Yoga
Show Notes

We are very happy to present to you this interview with Gregor Maehle that was recorded around a year ago. Gregor’s path is a remarkable example of limitless determination to find the Truth. While not attempting to gain popularity and fame his ideas and views can be polarising, provoking and challenging. He dismisses authorities, hierarchies, guru worship and other unhealthy group dynamics. By doing so he is not only living out authentically one of the fundamental yogic attitudes of willing to know, rather than to believe, but also plays an extremely important social role that is becoming more and more scarce in today’s poisoned with political correctness world – by not sweetening up his words, pointing out things that are broken, views that are wrong and actions that are unethical he invites all of us to question our assumptions of reality, so that we can finally wake up from our ignorant slumber and experience the true joy of being.

It is in sincere gratitude for his guidance on the path of Yoga that we release this interview.

Show notes

  • First glimpses of infinity
  • Doer mentality, surrendering and grace
  • What led Gregor to the practice of the 8-limbed Yoga
  • Immersing into teachings today vs in old times
  • Tibetian Ngöndro, Six Yogas of Naropa, Dzogchen
  • Purification practices within the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and the mechanisms behind them
  • Why your meditation doesn’t work
  • Happiness and robotic conditioning
  • Gregor’s spiritual practice and the sense of freedom
  • Breath waves
  • Experience of Cosmic intelligence on different levels
  • The differences and similarities of different spiritual paths
  • Svadharma
  • Gregor’s observation of the modern Yoga landscape

To find out more about Gregor’s teaching, learning materials, courses and in-depth blog article visit

Check out new book by Gregor Maehle: “How To Find Your Life’s Divine Purpose: Brain software for a new civilization”

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