Escaping Samsara

#30 Ty Landrum - Vinyasas of Thought and Postures of Mind

March 20, 2021 Nathan Thompson & Evgeny Dziatko Season 1 Episode 30
Escaping Samsara
#30 Ty Landrum - Vinyasas of Thought and Postures of Mind
Show Notes

While his words are often like poetry and his photos stun you with their raw aesthetics, it is that space beyond the form and beyond the mind that Ty invites us to discover and out which his reflections are generously springing from. He is the wizard of most intricate thought castles, the faqir juggling heavy philosophical constructs with lightness and innocence of a child, while his fascination for exploring the ways of embodiment of the creative principle that animates all life is like a magnet that draws you deeper into inquiry in your own practice. We are absolutely delighted to have Ty on our show.

Show notes

  • First spiritual experiences, communion with the nature and longing for the sense of connection
  • Intellectual intoxication, vinyasas of thought and postures of mind
  • Somatic exploration of breath waves
  • Terror of letting go of the sense of the self and the brilliance of Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Clinging to a particular idea of what your practice should be
  • Asana as embodying the form that supports the liberated movement of creative energy
  • Fatherhood and daily practice
  • Mixing traditions, following your heart, exploring synchronicities
  • Year-long online immersion course "Into the Depth"

Visit Yoga Workshop Online to find out about online classes, workshops and immersions offered by Ty. Also, check his website to discover more about his teaching schedule, as well as some beautiful writing.

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