Escaping Samsara

#40 Michael Sugich - Glimpses Into the Sufi World

September 17, 2021 Nathan Thompson & Evgeny Dziatko Season 1 Episode 40
Escaping Samsara
#40 Michael Sugich - Glimpses Into the Sufi World
Show Notes

Glimpses Into the Sufi World. While most hippies in the 60' went to India to find spiritually Michael Sugich went to Saudi Arabia in search of a Sufi guru and spent his life in a lesser known area of the Arab world living the spirituality of Islam. New episode is out now! Link in the bio.

Show notes

- First spiritual experiences and escape from show business
- Remembrance of God - Vikrala
- On Islam as foundation of Sufism
- The only certain thing
- Sharia as a safety net
- Importance of guidance of a spiritual master
- Working with breath in Islamic tradition, Haḍra ritual
- Litanies and spending time in the company of saints
- Teaching children, expectations and the modern world

Books & Contact

Signs on the Horizons: Meetings with Men of Knowledge and Illumination

Hearts Turn: Sinners, Seekers, Saints and the Road to Redemption

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